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Mini Hotel - Thanh Long Bay

Area: 21250 m² Year: 2020 - in progress The gentle and simple architecture around the project as well as the tourist road of Phan Thiet. The Rock and The Wave are the combination of natural lines with minimalism in architecture, creating a whole with a new ...

K-Villa + Green Villa - Can Tho Province

Located in the heart of Hung Phu New Urban Area, Can Tho City, K-Villa + is the first and only villa currently in the Mekong Delta that fully meets the criteria of Lotus Green Building. The project is designed with a modern tropicalized style, maximizing the use ...

Green Villas

AISNE Health Center

Area: 2200 m2 2009 The chief architect Tran Cong Danh combined with French architectural firm CALK-M Architectes created the Community health center with simple-line designs, making the most of the green areas to interweave the building to create cool air for ...

Montelimar Trade Center - France

Area: 3000 m2 Year: 2013 A shopping center with a completely open design, like a community space, makes buying and selling much more comfortable and new than the classic shopping malls. The green trees are used to the maximum in the building to bring a green ...

City Court of Coignieres - France

Area: 1500 m2 Year: 2010 The design aims to bring more green areas to return the lost green parts of the city. The entire roof system is covered with natural green and brings a fresh space to the building and the administrative area of ​​the city.

Kourou Guianne School

Area: 3000 m2 2009 The school is designed in a modern style to accentuate colors and gaps to get in and take the wind for the entire space inside the school.

Monticello School

Area: 1200 m2 Year: 2008 The school is designed in the form of creating a closed courtyard and interwoven green spaces to create the most natural and comfortable atmosphere for students.

Soc Trang Terraced House

Area: 8600 m2 Year: 2019 - Ongoing The design of townhouses is in the concept design phase. Aims to bring many local elements to create a new accommodation unit but still has a line close to the identity and culture of the region. In addition, it will bring the ...

The Green Mekong - Twin Building

Area: 5053 m2 Year: 2019 - In design   ECON-TECHNICAL INDICATORS Total land area: 5053.85 m2 Area of ​​construction land (Except for parks): 3173.0 m2 Construction area: 1502.0 m2 Construction density: 47.34% Floor height: 18 floors Land use factor: ...

Nam House

Area: 80 m2 Year: 2016 The original townhouse is fully utilized design of 2 facades, creating a hollow shape in the whole house and creating a large yard for homeowners to plant gardening plants and drink tea. Seeing green patches is a key factor in the design ...

VA House

Area: 300 m2 Year: 2018 The garden villa is located in the middle of the cashew garden and the landlord's request to keep all the existing tall trees. This makes the design very interesting, green trees will be interfering with the courtyard in the villa. The ...

LA House

Area: 230 m2 Year: 2019 The townhouse in Da Nang and Northwest direction, a part of the side of the house receives the sun completely from the West, the solution has to deal with this problem for the homeowner, while ensuring the aesthetic factors and the flexibility ...

Joel Petrignani villa - France

Area: 580.0 m2 Year: 2010 Located on the middle of a hill, the design bears the breath of the French countryside. The villa is designed with 2 floors with the upper floor overlooking the green valley. The design is calculated to be sufficient for sufficient natural ...

S House

Area: 110.0 m2 Year: 2015 The townhouse is designed with green space inside, along with an impressive iron staircase for the purpose of dividing the space properly and the spaces inside the house capable of communicating openly and comfortably. roof