• Công cộng

AISNE Health Center

Area: 2200 m2 2009 The chief architect Tran Cong Danh combined with French architectural firm CALK-M Architectes created the Community health center with simple-line designs, making the most of the green areas to interweave the building to create cool air for ...

Montelimar Trade Center - France

Area: 3000 m2 Year: 2013 A shopping center with a completely open design, like a community space, makes buying and selling much more comfortable and new than the classic shopping malls. The green trees are used to the maximum in the building to bring a green ...

City Court of Coignieres - France

Area: 1500 m2 Year: 2010 The design aims to bring more green areas to return the lost green parts of the city. The entire roof system is covered with natural green and brings a fresh space to the building and the administrative area of ​​the city.

Kourou Guianne School

Area: 3000 m2 2009 The school is designed in a modern style to accentuate colors and gaps to get in and take the wind for the entire space inside the school.

Monticello School

Area: 1200 m2 Year: 2008 The school is designed in the form of creating a closed courtyard and interwoven green spaces to create the most natural and comfortable atmosphere for students.